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Mingyu of SEVENTEEN: “I’m grateful to AAA and proud that Seventeen are moving on”

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SEVENTEEN‘s member Mingyu has graced the cover of a fashion magazine.

Fashion magazine Elle has published the cover of the October issue of SEVENTEEN‘s rockin’ charm Mingyu and part of the interview from the 19th.

In this photo, Mingyu has a beautifully fronted Louis Vuitton outfit in a different style, with different poses and expressions. In addition, he showed off his sexuality, his alluring bright eyes and impressed with his superior look and proportions.

In an interview during the photo shoot, Mingyu told about the SEVENTEEN WORLD TOUR [BE THE SUN] in North America: “It was the best performance. Compared to the 2019 tour, I also felt that the number of local audiences has increased. Members were really enjoying the stage,” he said.

Asked how he perceives the various achievements he achieves as a SEVENTEEN, Mingyu said: “I don’t usually feel it. I only feel it when I hear shouting in the concert hall or on stage. We graced the last stage of last year’s Asia Artist Awards. Even though we had to play a recorded stage video, many of the younger groups applauded.

Meanwhile, more photos and interviews with Mingyu from SEVENTEEN will be published in the October edition of Elle and on the website.

Translated by Uu

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