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“Breakup Theory” G-Dragon (Big Bang) likes old photos of him and Jennie (Blackpink)

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Some Instagram users say that G-Dragon (34 years), the Big Bang memeber who was previously involved in a romantic relationship with Jennie (26 years), a member of Blackpink, clicked ‘like’ on past photos together.

On the 20th, Social Media Service (SNS) circulated an article stating that G-Dragon had “Liked” a photo of him with Jennie. The photo, shown by user A, was posted by G-Dragon on his Instagram in 2013, when Jennie took to the stage with him. At the time, Jennie had not yet debuted as part of Blackpink.

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User A said: “G-Dragon clicked ‘like’ again today on a photo taken with Jennie almost 10 years ago, he clicked ‘like’ on my post, I never had tags on that post.” In fact, the photo posted by user A has at least 97 likes, apart from G-Dragon‘s account, but so far there has been no confirmation of the veracity of both the photo and the like.

G-Dragon was previously reported to have liked a video taken by a foreign fan in July of the artiste walking with Jennie. At the time, there were rumours of their relationship breaking up, which lasted a long time (according to rumours), but no one gave any exact information about it.

On the other hand, as several photos of Jennie and Taehyung (27 years), BTS’s member, have leaked online, and the relationship between them is accepted by fans as fact. However, Jennie and Taehyung‘s agencies, YG Entertainment and Hibe, are consistent in their silent response and there is no reaction from them regarding this information.

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