“My handsome fiancé…” – Hwang Bora shared a photo of her future husband

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Pictures of the couple have been uploaded to social media. They announced they were getting married in November.

On the 16th, Hwang Bora posted a photo in a stories with the caption “My handsome fiancé” In the uploaded photo, she gently poses with an actor Kim Young Hoon.

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As Hwang Bora doesn’t usually share steamy pictures, this photo has attracted a lot of attention.

Kim Young Hoon and Hwang Bora have been in a relationship for 10 years and are set to get married in November. Workhouse Company announced the couple’s wedding in July and said: “The wedding will be held with family and close friends. The bride and groom promise to do their best to please fans even more in the future. Let’s wish them all the best.”

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