Singer Kim Nayeon performs in Seoul to celebrate her 10th debut anniversary

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Solo singer Kim Nayeon held a street performance in Sinchon and Yeouido, Seoul on the 1st and 2nd to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her debut, FlexM reported on September 3.

Kim Nayeon made her debut in the music industry in 2012 when she performed the song “Alone” with singer and songwriter Jung Ki.

Her songs such as “What If It Was Going”, “To Be Honest” and “Goodbye List” reached the top of the music charts and attracted attention.

During the street performance, she also performed: “I can’t help it”, “to be honest”, and “dial your number”.

Kim Nayeon also shared her emotions, “It was a happy time when I sang in front of many people” and “I will do my best to communicate with the public through various performances and music.”

translator: dna

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