Song Joong Ki will appear in the noir film “Hwarang”… “New Challenge”

Distributor Megabox PlusM announced on the 26th: “The movie ‘Hwarang‘ has confirmed the participation of Song Joong Ki, Hong Sabin and Kim Hyung Seo (BIBI), and filming began on the 13th in Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do.”

“Hwaran” is a noir drama that unfolds around an 18-year-old boy named Yeongyu who wants to escape from a hellish reality, and when he meets the boss of a mid-level criminal organization, Chigon, he starts acting with him in a dangerous world.

Hong Sabin has been chosen to play the role of Youngyu. Hong Sabin is a newcomer who received attention for his first film “Vacation” at the 17th “Misa Scene” Short Film Festival and “Heat Heat Heat,” which won the grand prize at the 10th Chunmuro Youth and Student Short Film Festival.

Song Joong Ki takes on the role of Chigon. Chigon is a character whose unpredictability makes you shudder, keeping an unexpected warmth of heart, believing Yeongyu and leading him along.

Singer and actress Kim Hyung Seo (BIBI) will play the role of Youngyu’s younger sister, Hayang. Kim Hyung Seo, who made a deep impression as young Eunhee in “Girls’ High School Sixth Haunted Story: Old School“, is expected to show a new side of the strong female character.

Song Joong Ki said: “This is a job that challenges me in a new way, so I have a special feeling. I’m looking forward to the intense and hot work we will create together with the director and actors.”

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