The current state of the dog that was beaten up by the Penthack station billboard

–Pyeongtaek Station Pomeranian Animal Rights Group Takes Protection Measures

-Diagnostics will be deployed in the second veterinary clinic.

Defendant in Pyeongtaek station abuse case found a new dog.

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Animal rights group Care, in consultation with Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, announced on Instagram on the 30th that the victim had been taken away from the abuser.

On the same day, Care hosted a live broadcast on the YouTube channel, showing a trembling Pomeranian.

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Previously, Care visited Suwon City Hall on the 25th and asked to pick up a Spitz. The group urged protective measures from Suwon City Hall on the grounds that there is a possibility of an unreasonable situation in which the abuser should be released even if he commits the same crime several times. In fact, under Section 18 of the Animal Welfare Act, if an animal abuser claims “ownership” of a rescued animal, the local government must return the animal.

Meanwhile, Care said it would take over the dogs living with the defendant. “We are making plans for the two remaining dogs living with the Pomeranian” the group write.

Care posted a video on Instagram on the 12th of a Pomeranian abuse near Pyeongtaek Station with the caption, “The man who attacked a Pomeranian weighing less than 3 kg and beat the dog to a pulp, but Suwon City Hall secretly returned the dog after a short quarantine”. In the video, the attacker put the Pomeranian in a bag, hit him so that the billboard staggered, threw him to the floor and even grabbed the rope to strangle the dog.

The mayor’s office explained the return of the dog to the owner by the fact that the second made a fuss and threatened the police, so there was no way out how to return the dog to the owner.

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