Song Yeon Jae’s “honeymoon”, an unusually sized engagement ring imprinted on the ring finger of her left hand

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Song Yeon Jae a former national rhythmic gymnast who is away on her honeymoon, shared how her vacation with her loved one is going.

On September 1, Song Yeon Jae posted a photo of her honeymoon trip on social media with the caption “Au revoir Paris.”

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In the released photo, Song Yeon Jae wore a black dress with a neat hairdo. She chose the most elegant and neat style.

Her husband most likely captured a fleeting moment of his beautiful wife in the photo.

In particular, the ring of an unusual size caught my eye in the photo when the gymnast straightened her hair.

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Song Yeon Jae wore a ring with a large stone on the ring finger of his left hand.

On August 21, Song Yeon Jae married a man who is 9 years older than her and is known as a representative of a Korean global hedge fund corporation.

After leaving the big sport, Song Yeon Jae opened a gymnastics studio and began to appear on TV more often.

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