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Man uploaded a post about not being in the military is easy: Netizens are outraged

-“What way? Can I just sing and dance well?”
– “I shared this idea for the sake of humor, because it looks funny”

The netizen spoke about the serious circumstances of the exemption from military service and hinted at the issue of exemption from the military service of some celebrities.

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Netizen A recently posted a post titled “It’s Easy Not to Join the Army” on the local online community Efem Korea.

“I was diagnosed with leukemia, treated with chemotherapy and had a bone marrow transplant, and I suffered a lot because of the side effects” shares A.

He continued: “I lost 7 cm in height due to pressure on my spine due to osteoporosis and I had an artificial joint due to necrosis of the femur”.

Finally, “What? All you have to do is sing and dance well? This is fine?” I was in pain, but will both of us (me and the singer) be released from the army?

I am uploading this post as a joke, but there is some truth in every joke.

Some netizens who heard this story responded: “Cheer up…”, “You should win the lottery”, “Be healthy”, “Justice and common sense…” “I don’t know your name or face, but I hope that you will always fight it” netizens cheered him on.

Meanwhile, Minister of National Defense Lee Jong Sub attended the plenary meeting of the Defense Committee of the National Assembly on the 31st of last month and was asked about the quick decision on BTS‘s military service and said: “I told them to set a deadline. and draw conclusions, and I instructed them to conduct an opinion poll quickly.”

He added: “We will carefully decide on the issue of BTS military service by synthesizing the opinions of several legislators and taking into account national interests from different angles, but we will make a decision as soon as possible.”

Since the issue of military service is a sore subject of national sentiment, the intense discussion is expected to continue. Public opinion is also markedly divided on this issue.

translator: dna

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