“I saw my mother who left me when I was 8 years old, 27 years later… I don’t even know how to feel”

“I must have run away because I wanted to live, but…”
– “I became a 35-year-old man”

A man who found his biological mother after 27 years, who left home when he was 8, confessed his true feelings.

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Netizen A, an active member of the local online community Efem Korea, recently posted an article titled “I saw my mom after 27 years.”


“She must have run away to live far away from a man who drinks and beats his wife and children every day, but when I was alone and endured this man’s wrath at the age of 8, I was really angry with my mother.

Two years after my mother ran away, my father made the extreme choice of sharing a room with his mother.

Since I didn’t have money, I always received school food allowance, but what bothered me most was not that my parents didn’t have money, but that I had to ask my class teacher for a exemption in front of my friends.

I grew up as like the protagonist of the usual ill-fated story. After graduation, my grandmother passed away, leaving me alone in the world. Nevertheless, somehow I was able to contribute to society and became a 35-year-old man.

At the time, I didn’t astonishmented at my mother or miss her, but as I got older, I wanted to see her at least once. I didn’t look for it, and it’s not that I couldn’t find it, I just didn’t want to. But recently I wanted to see her and immediately found her address. Yesterday I called in advance at the found number and went to my mother’s house.

My mother remarried a year after running away from me and gave birth to two sons, her husband died when the eldest was 8 years old. I knew it, but when I heard it myself, I thought it was still better than what I had.

Her second child was mentally retarded. My mother was also weak, so it all seemed difficult. The eldest is 27 years old and says he has a good job and spends every month providing for their lives.

He was a younger brother whose face I did not know, but simply heard about his existence when I myself was a teenager. It was strange to live knowing that you have a younger brother.

All the time I looked at my mother, I felt my chest and my throat constrict, but I didn’t know why or what I felt.

I stayed there for a while and went home. They say the pain subsides with time, but I don’t think that’s the case.”

Netizens who heard the story said: “I hope you are happy now…” “I would tell an 8-year-old child that such stress is like war… You survived well,” “I’m the same age as you.” They comforted the author by leaving comments such as “Your mother chose him due to unavoidable circumstances… I hope he doesn’t get too upset about this choice.”

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