“It’s a cafe next to a studio where foreign workers live… Dozens of cockroaches appear every day”

“This is an old building built in the 1970s inside a cafe…”
–“The interior of the cafe is white, so the cockroaches are immediately visible”

The author says that in a cafe adjacent to the kitchen of a one-room apartment where a foreign tenant lived, dozens of cockroaches appeared a day, and as a result, the business was closed.

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The owner of the cafe, Mr. A, recently posted an article with the headline “Cockroaches have been in the cafe for 3 months and we will close soon.”

According to this, inside Mr. A’s cafe, located in the shopping area, is an old one-room building built in the 1970s. This one-room kitchen is very close to Mr. A’s cafe kitchen.

The problem started when the owner of the building rented out the studio to foreign workers. Because suddenly dozens of cockroaches appeared in the cafe.

Mr. A found a maximum of 20 cockroaches per day and a minimum of 12 cockroaches. The interior of the cafe is white, so you can see cockroaches crawling on the walls.

Mr. A said: “This is just a cafe for 16 people. I disinfected all the machines and did everything right. Now I know how to tell cockroach droppings from anything else”.

He also said: “Of course I called the pest control company. It was so serious that they came in once a week and looked after every nook and cranny, but it didn’t work out”.

Mr. A said: “As a result of the company’s diagnostics, these cockroaches descended from one room into the sewer. Eggs were scattered here and there, so only 5 cockroaches were seen at first.” As a result of stress, polyps form in my colon, which can turn into cancer.”

He complained to the owner of the building about the damage, but he took a sarcastic attitude, saying, “Of course there are cockroaches in your cafe.”

He added: “In the end, I decided to close the café. If it was my fault, it would be less unfair. It’s very sad because these cockroaches are brought in from outside. I don’t think I will go to this cafe again, I’m already afraid of them”.

After all, he said that it was hard to get rid of cockroaches, because their eggs were everywhere. Therefore, cafe owners need to be more careful.

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