The United Kingdom is going to have a “Squid Game” in real life. The cash prize is $4,560,000

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Netflix is recruiting contestants to create a real-life version of the popular drama ‘Squid Game‘. Netflix Korea recently announced via YouTube that it is recruiting the latest contestants for the reality show “Squid Game: The Challenge”.

Only people over the age of 21 who speak English are eligible to apply.
A one-minute video must be submitted containing information about the person who wants to participate in the show, about strategies for winning the game and a story about how the contestant intends to spend the cash prize.

The show ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ will see 456 contestants compete for $4,560,000. There will be a variety of games inspired by the Squid Game series and games added from Netflix.

The programme will consist of just 10 parts and will begin filming for a minimum of four weeks in the UK early next year.
Netflix representatives said “No contestant will be affected, whether they win or lose. The winner will get a huge reward.” Netflix said in the video, “Several hundred people have already been selected, but there are still spots available,” thereby encouraging people to participate in the show.

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