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Jang Won-young from IVE has been chosen to model for the shoe brand “Representative of the MZ generation”

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Jang Won-young from the girl’s group IVE was chosen to model the new shoe brand and was named “representative of the MZ generation”. On the 19th, Suecomma Bonnie announced her choice of model by posting a photo with Jang Won-young.

In the released photo, Jang Won-young completed the “Young and Rich” concept in her own style, exuding her own charm that combines chic and beauty with her unique visuals and sensual facial expressions that easily catch the eye.

Her combination of luxurious and sophisticated mood and sparkling images were admired. In addition, Jang Won-young was said to have presented various items beautifully because of her unique and beautiful charm and received constant praise from the staff.

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Other photos showcasing Jang Won-young‘s unique charm can be found on the official Suecomma Bonnie website and in shops.

IVE had a comeback with the third single “After LIKE” in August, selling 1.11 million copies. The band became a “4th generation representative,” getting all-kill  in internal market and on the music charts.

Jang Won-young, as a “member of the MZ generation,” continues her activities in various areas such as music, painting and fashion, and she is the host for KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank”.

Translated by Uu

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