Yeonjun’s 23rd birthday (TXT)! A former trainee legend on his way to adulthood

The artist celebrated his birthday on September 13.

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Yeonjun, now 23, is known as a “legendary trainee,” and after his debut with the band TXT, he is stepping on the path of his maturation.

At this point, the band is in Japan for the first time in about 2 years and 7 months. On his birthday, Yeonjun also appeared on live Japanese TV programs.

The fact that the members are in Japan on a special date is a pleasant surprise not only for Yeonjun’s fans, but also for MOA’s living in Japan.

We will present the life episodes of Yeonjun as a special celebration of his birthday. If you know Yeonjun well as an artist or are just starting to learn about him, let’s celebrate the day together by revealing the artist’s special charm.

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Yeonjun is the oldest member of the group and the only member born in the 1990s. Often cute memebers might joke by calling a member an “old man”.

However, Yeonjun really shows his mature side. Each time, the artist shows the support of a real adult.

In the past, Yeonjun has managed to show a good response to comments, becoming a hot topic of discussion.

In September 2021, Yeonjun hosted a live broadcast on V LIVE. On that day, the artist noted the following words from fans, “Yeonjun , you are really important to me. Please take care of your body and eat a lot. Don’t worry about malicious comments.”

In response, Yeonjun said: “Thank you, I eat right. But I don’t really care about people who write bad comments. I won’t directly point out who it is exactly, but some of them have also previously told me to eat ramen.”

“Even though I don’t have enough time for self-development, but here I am wondering why you are leaving me such meaningless words. It’s a waste of time to raise my self-esteem, and yes, I’m saying something now just because I’m eating ramen …,” so the artist indirectly conveyed the message to the author of the malicious comment.

The artist also conveyed, “I don’t think everyone likes me. But I think this is a problem that only you can think about and decide. I don’t know why you say that or leave comments. I say you are my fans, but people like that are not good fans. Then you don’t necessarily have to like me either.”

Yeonjun gave life advice to those who post malicious comments.
Internet users who watched the live broadcast said, “Who can say such rude words?”, “I don’t want you to see comments like that,” “It’s really good to speak openly about your thoughts.”, “Idols are not dolls, please be careful with your words,” etc.

In V LIVE, Yeonjun showed a calm adult response and showed himself to be a trustworthy character.

As a senior, he cheers up all the memebers at the performances.

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TXT has no official group positions other than leader, but you can tell that Yeonjun practically plays the role of the main dancer in the group. He is very good at freestyle, and his dancing abilities are astounding.

Many fans admire the flexibility and skill of his dance performance, which is complemented by his outstanding style and tall stature.

But dance is not the only thing that is his charm. Along with his powerful or gentle dance performance, Yeonjun , who has a pleasant timbre to his voice, does have outstanding rapping and vocal skills.

He also lived in the United States from age 9 to 11 and is fluent in English.

The artist is responsible for most of the rap, and his pronunciation is accurate and he can convey strong emotions. You could say that he is responsible for both the rapping and the main dancer position in the group.

In fact, Yeonjun’s versatile skills have been dubbed “the legendary Big Hit trainee,” as he has demonstrated a wide range of talents since his days as a trainee.

During his internship, he was ranked #1 on the monthly evaluation test (dance, vocal, rap), but never ranked #2 on the same measure as the other interns.

The artist himself acknowledges the existence of the anecdote that he has never missed 1st place.

It is not an exaggeration to say that he was born to become an idol.

If you don’t know much about TXT, this is a great opportunity to start watching TXT performances.

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