Actor Kim Min Chul is getting married in October… to a girl who’s not a celebrity [officially]


Reporter Kim Bo Young of Edily Starin: Actor Kim Min Chul announced the marriage ceremony in October of this year.

On the 14th, Kim Min Chul‘s agency Never Die Entertainment announced, “Actor Kim Min Chul is getting married at a hotel in Seoul in early October with the girl he has been dating for five years.

In the photos published along with Kim Min Chul‘s wedding news, the bride attracts attention with her stellar beauty and beautiful body. Kim Min Chul also attracts attention by smiling brightly.

Through the agency, Kim Min Chul said: “The relationship between us is a great strength for each other, and we have reached our goal,” adding, “I want to be an even stronger pillar for each other in the future. I’m going to live a fun life and show you a lot of good things. And I’ll be back soon with a good piece.”

On the other hand, actor Kim Min Chul has impressed audiences since his 2015 debut in the MBC drama “Tomorrow Victory,” appearing as a scene stealer in various works such as the doramas “Doctor Crush” and “Birthcare Center,” and is reportedly currently considering himself for the following works.

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