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“Injured but Still Worried about the Game” … ‘Goal Ladies’, Reporters Surprised by Soccer Passion


“Thwack!” A soccer ball flew towards the actress’s face. She didn’t dodge, quickly shook her head and regained her composure. It was actually the reporters who were surprised, watching the passion of the ‘Goal Ladies’ soccer players, which was even hotter than what they saw on TV.

SBS entertainment program ‘Goal Ladies’ (hereinafter ‘Goal Girls’) held its ‘3rd Shoo Chae League Media Day’ at the Ganghwa Gymnasium in Ganghwa-eup, Incheon on the 28th of last month.

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On the day of the event, a portion of the second half of the game between Actionnistar and Bulnabang was open to the press. The ball flew violently, but the players faced it head-on without dodging. Even when they fell to the ground after being hit by the ball, they quickly got up and returned to their position as if nothing had happened. Every time reporters watched this, they were amazed.

During a press conference held after the event, the players talked about their passion for soccer. When asked about injuries, their voices became even louder.

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Sim Eutteum said, “If I were burdened by injuries, I wouldn’t have participated in ‘Goal Ladies'” and added, “In the waiting room, we talk about how some people have lost toenails. I don’t even have toenails. Sometimes we take body profile photos that show bruises caused by the ball. I changed my mindset to ‘I am a player’ rather than thinking about hiding or erasing them.”

Kim Gayoung said, “Sometimes, when I’m injured, I feel thrilled because I think I did my best.” Hwang Hee-jung, who suffered a ligament tear, and Seo Gi, who suffered a thigh muscle injury, both said, “Even though it hurts so much, I still think about ‘what should I do for tomorrow’s game.'”

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Even Chae Yeon, a new member who recently joined ‘Goal Ladies’, said, “Although I think I should be careful with my body as much as possible, once I enter the field, such thoughts disappear completely. I receive the ball with my head and body when it flies towards me.” She also said, “Since I am still a beginner, I feel sorry for myself because I am not yet able to follow the passionate captain perfectly. I am still trying to understand.”

All teams continue to train individually and as a team almost every day, in addition to official filming. Players sometimes go to the training grounds where the team’s coach works, and ‘Goal Ladies’ also has their own training programs.

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