Kim Tae Hee Responds To Reports Of Tax Investigation, States Taxes Paid In Full

Actress Kim Tae Hee has responded to reports of a tax investigation against her, clarifying that the issue arose due to delayed payment of advertising model fees.

In a statement released by her agency, Story J Company, on March 1, Kim Tae Hee said that she had been diligent in paying her taxes and had done so faithfully in accordance with the law over the past few years. The agency emphasized that the tax issue had arisen due to a delay in the payment of advertising model fees that were due to be paid by the client at the time of the expiration of her previous management contract with her former agency, Lua Entertainment. The fees were paid to her former agency and then transferred to Kim Tae-hee after the expiration of her contract.

The agency stated that both her former agency and Kim Tae Hee herself had declared and paid taxes on their income, but had paid additional taxes due to disagreements between them regarding whether the income should be treated as corporate or personal income. However, they emphasized that all taxes had been paid in full.

According to a report by Korean Media, Kim Tae Hee had been subject to a high-intensity tax investigation and had been required to pay several hundred million won in taxes.

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