Kim Jong Un’s daughter wears a $50,000 Dior jacket while the country is experiencing a famine


Recently, it was reported that North Korea is facing food shortages due to international economic sanctions, resulting in one of the worst famines in 30 years. However, this hasn’t stopped leader Kim Jong Un from continuing to test missiles and allowing his daughter to wear an expensive children’s jacket from the famous brand Dior, which costs over $1,900. This is ironic considering the situation in the country.

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Kyodo News via Getty Images, FILE

The life of North Korea’s top leadership has always been a mystery, but thanks to information from “people’s friends” and former NBA player Dennis Rodman, some details have become known. Rodman was the first to confirm the existence of Kim Jong Un’s daughter, at a time when there were no official photos or information about her, not even her name.

Photo: TVBS

Kim Jong Un himself is interested in Swiss watches and is often seen wearing IWC watches that cost around $40,000. His wife, Ri Sol Ju, also loves expensive handbags, and their images stand out compared to ordinary people and soldiers.

Despite sanctions, North Korea continues to acquire luxury goods through trading intermediaries in China and Southeast Asian countries.