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“Please let me go…”: girl cheated, but didn’t want to break up

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When a girl got on her knees and begged her boyfriend not to break up with her, saying, “Please, let’s date again,” the guy suddenly made an unexpected decision.

The girl continued: “I was wrong. Please forgive me. Let’s date again.”

The guy took a strong stand in front of his girlfriend, who had made an unforgivable mistake and begged for forgiveness and a renewed relationship.

He could not forgive her for dating another man at the same time. Despite his words that they could never be together, his girlfriend continued to kneel and beg with tears in her eyes in the middle of the street.

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He also knelt in front of her and began to beg: “Please let me go now…” with his head down on the ground. And he continued: “Please leave me alone…,” then, left her alone and walked away.

Witnesses report that despite her pleas for forgiveness, the girl could not hold him back. After he left, she stood for a long time with her head down and crying in the same place.

Internet users who saw the scene reacted with comments such as:

  • “This is why you shouldn’t cheat.”
    _ “Is it worth forgiving someone just because they get on their knees and beg after cheating?”
  • “Decisive action is even more impressive.”
  • “I hope you meet a nice girl.”

Others, on the contrary, accepted the girl’s position:

  • “Yes, she dated someone else, she chose between you, and she chose you-you should be grateful! Ungrateful!”
  • “He did a cruel thing T___T He should have bought her coffee and talked to her. Told her they’d stay good friends, not just leave.”
  • “Cruel guy! Left her alone like that!”
  • “Forgive her! She’s asking for forgiveness!”

What do you think? Did he do the right thing, leaving her alone in the middle of the street?

Hello, my name is Katya. I'm from Ukraine, the city of Lviv. I really enjoy K-POP and Korea. If you notice any mistakes in the translation, please let me know.
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