In China, on his wedding night, the fiance was video-linked to other women

A certain Su (name changed as the real names of non-public persons cannot be used in the media), from a small village, was forced to go to the city at the age of 18 to work, helping her parents and younger brother. She managed to get a job as a housekeeper and in 4 years, she saved so much money that she was able to build a nice house for the family and her brother became an enviable groom in the village, so he married well. Then Su thought it was time to get married herself, she was of the right age.

She wanted to go back to the village and marry a guy her parents could find for her, but her relative, who also worked in the city, talked her out of it. She introduced the girl to several guys and one of them she liked so much that eventually she decided to go out with him.

Xiao was not embarrassed by the fact that her chosen one was poor enough, unable to give anything to the other half at all, and therefore other girls rejected him. Accustomed to hard work, she decided she could do the same for her relationship – working for two.

When they had been dating for a year, they decided to get married. The family accepted Su‘s choice. And a lot of people gathered for the party. However, for some reason the groom kept drinking glass after glass.

Eventually, when it was time for the first wedding night, he simply collapsed on the floor at the doorstep before reaching the bed. This stunned Su, but she waited patiently for him to come to his senses. Finally, at dawn, when she was tired of waiting, she decided to quietly approach him to see how he was.

He was lying with his back to the bed, so there was no way he could see Su. Neither could he hear him, because he appeared to be very busy at the time – chatting with other women via video phone (with the sound turned off).


Seeing the scene, Su was in great shock – she had been cheated on in this way immediately after her marriage. She never had a wedding night in the end. The situation was repeated at night, with her husband lying on the floor, chatting to others by video link. In public, he behaved like a good husband.

This is a story Su told on social media, asking the question, “What should I do about such a marriage?”

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