“She once sent me 6 pairs of high heels,” Jo Kwon talks about Kim Hye Soo’s support

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Singer Jo Kwon expressed his gratitude to actress Kim Hye Soo.

Jo Kwon appeared as a guest on the May 17 broadcast of KBS2’s ‘Family Relations Certificate Godfather’. During the interview with the production team, Jo Kwon said, “As many people know, I love high heels, and once Kim Hye Soo sunbaenim gave me high heels. She sent six pairs of shoes by courier, and they all had very high heels.”

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He continued, “Hye Soo sunbae is one of those who love and support me in my passion for high heels and dancing.” Kang Joo Eun agreed, “I met Hye Soo through my husband. She is a very loving person.”

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Jo Kwon confessed, “Since fashion has no gender in my opinion, I didn’t consider myself weird, but rather special. Wearing high heels makes me feel confident and happy.”

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