JO1 Company will continue to take legal action against fans harrasing members

2022 05 07 153203652

On April 18, JO1 announced its intention to continue taking strict legal measures against fans spreading false rumors and harassing members during group schedules or personal schedules.

 “We see that the situation persists, for example, false accusations against members, speculative articles continue to appear and the rules for using paid content are violated. By contacting the member in question, we confirmed that he was also upset by the fact that the situation has not yet been resolved. In addition, there are many cases of waiting for members and chasing their cars, which is prohibited,” the Company stated.

The Company continued. “While most people support us in complying with the law and regulations, due to the above-mentioned inconveniences created by some people, we are in a situation that causes discomfort to fans and the general public adhering to the rules and standards of conduct. While we respect the opinions and feelings of fans, we will continue to take strict measures, including legal procedures, for such inconveniences.”

We would like to ask fans for understanding and cooperation regarding the above situation,” the Company concluded.

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