Top 15: Awkward situations that happened to BTS


Fans are used to thinking that the BTS members have never been in embarrassing situations, but that’s not true. Here are 15 embarrassing moments that have happened to BTS members since their debut.

During his performance of “Fire”, Chimin tripped over Jin’s feet and fell right onto the stage. V quickly helped him up.

During a performance of “For You” in Japan, J-Hope lost his shoes but continued to dance until Junkkook handed him the missing shoe.

At a recent concert in Seoul, during his performance of “Fire”, a shoe fell off V. He did not get confused and quickly put the lost shoe back on his foot and continued his performance:

On Feb. 22, at a press conference before Gaon Chart, Jungkook couldn’t decide which way he was going to leave the stage. There are seven members in the group, so when three members went one way and the other three went the other way, Jungkook, who was standing in the center, was confused and could not immediately decide which way he should go:

At the taping of the performance of “Blood Sweat & Tears” on Show Music Core, V awkwardly stalled filming after remembering that he didn’t tie the laces on his shoes:

At the live broadcast of Music Bank on 27.09.2013, there was an embarrassment. According to the plan, BTS members were supposed to tear their shirts off at a certain point, leaving the guys in white shirts, but the shirts on Jimin and RM were torn too hard, thereby tearing even their shirts. The guys made it through the performance, delighting their fans:

At a performance in Japan, Jungkook, who was holding a trophy, accidentally mistook it for a microphone and gave his speech into it. Jin, known as a fan of the official lightstick, also confused the microphone with the ARMY – Bomb:

During the BTS: Epilogue concert tour, V made a mistake in the “Baepsae” dance. He stood in the wrong place, and when he realized that, he quickly ran over to where he should have been standing:

V’s habit of throwing the microphone in the air often played against him. The microphone would fly past his hand, making him uncomfortable:

RM once shared a story about how his own microphone hit him right in the eye during a performance:

During his performance of “Run”, RM managed to drop his microphone on stage. In an attempt to catch the mic that escaped him, the guy crashed into J-Hope:

An awkward situation also occurred during a performance at MAMA 2016. Jimin slipped during the “Blood Sweat & Tears” dance, but quickly got back on his feet and continued performing:

During a performance on SBS Gayo Daejeon2013, Jimin miscalculated his own strength and collapsed to the floor, twisting into a somersault:

Jungkook was in an awkward situation when he sat past the bed during his performance of “Just One Day”.

The performance at the 31st Golden Disc Awards was remembered for Suga’s broken microphone, thereby creating an awkward situation for the performer.

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