Boyfried got into the girlfriend’s phone, saw messages and broke up with her. Who is guilty?

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On the 15th episode of “Change Days Season 2” on Kakao TV, which aired on the 8th, a scene was shown where Kim Hye Yeon and Kim Tae Wan were talking in the car on the way to the dorm after their date.

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On this day, Kim Tae Wan carefully looked at the screen of Kim Hye Yeon’s mobile phone and firmly said, “Give it to me,” as if he had found something..

Kim Hye Yeon refused, saying “I don’t want to”, but Kim Tae Wan stubbornly tried to pick up the phone.

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In the end, Kim Hye Yeon, who exploded, said, “Why are you doing this? Just do it in front of me.” Kim Tae Wan checked her list of KakaoTalk messages with Kim Hye Yeon.

Kim Tae Wan said, “I don’t understand this,” he said angrily. Traces of contacts between Kim Hye Yeon and a familiar man were found.

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Kim Hye Yeon asked, “Should I block (this person)?” but Kim Tae Wan said, “Isn’t that the person who told me not to contact him?

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Kim Hye Yeon asked, “When was that?” and said that it had been a long time since she contacted her “boyfriend” but Kim Tae Wan frowned as if the fact that she contacted him was a problem.

When Kim Hye Yeon said, “Sometimes,” Kim Tae Wan retorted, “Sometimes? You had to be careful with that SOMETIMES.”

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Kim Tae Wan said, “You should do it in moderation. I said this a long time ago. I think I only talked about him four times.”

Kim Hye Yeon said she would change her attitude, but Kim Tae Wan refused to listen to her anymore, saying, “You’re lying.”

In the end, Kim Tae Wan burst into tears and said, “Let’s break up, I can’t do this anymore.”

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When Kim Hye Yeon asked, “Do you want to break up?”, Kim Tae Wan said yes and said, “I barely caught you, but I don’t want to hold you back because I see how you do it.”

Kim Tae Wan’s sudden breakup was even more shocking because they had a good atmosphere on their date.

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In an interview with the film crew that day, Kim Hye Yeon said, “I just have a close acquaintance. opposite sex. I know Tae Wang’s thoughts, but this is really not a love letter.”

Kim Hye Yeon said that Kim Tae Wan doesn’t like contact with men she knows, so when she sees text messages from them, she reads them and deletes them.

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She added that it had been more than a month since she last had contact with a man she knew.

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Kim Tae Wan said that even before his appearance in the second season of Change Days Season 2, he felt very sorry for Kim Hye Yeon due to his relationship with a man he knew.
He said with a bitter expression that he remembered bad feelings.

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Among the viewers who watched the broadcast, there was a reaction: “Why are you looking at other people’s phones, no matter what your girlfriend is like that?” On the other hand, there was an opinion: “he, too, can be understood.”

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