“Direction doesn’t really matter…” A female rapper confessed to sad nipple syndrome

Rapper BIBI has revealed her body secret.

BIBI appeared on the show “Witch Hunt 2022,” which aired on the 2nd.

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Text author Kim Ina said: “Among the really interesting syndromes is a syndrome that we have to introduce. It is the ‘sad nipple syndrome.

“Sad nipple syndrome” is a symptom of depression and helplessness when you or others touch your nipples (they point downward). There is no medical definition yet, but there are many patients who complain of similar symptoms.

BIBI made an unexpected admission, saying: “I have this ailment. It’s sad nipple syndrome.”

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Kim Ina asked with a smile, “can I try this on you?” to which BIBI laughed and answered positively.

BIBI also explained that when she gets nipple stimulation, she starts thinking about her mom, the universe, it makes her sad and she can no longer get pleasure and her nipples won’t get erect.

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Upon hearing this, Code Kunst asked: “How much should I touch?” And Kim Ina replied, “You have to do this,” and drew a circle clockwise.

BIBI said: “The direction doesn’t really matter, just touch it like this).”

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At these words, Code Kunst surprised Kim Ina by saying: “Usually cows suffer from this. When you touch their teats, they get depressed.”

Referring to his experience milking cows, he recalled that cows’ eyes were very sad” and made everyone laugh with that.

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