“Eat rice first…?” The effect on our bodies depends on the order in which we eat

-Blood sugar levels fluctuate with food
-How to eat for a healthy life

There is known to be a good “order” when it comes to eating, and attention is paid to it.

According to Diabetes Care, published by the American Diabetes Association, even if you eat the same foods, your blood sugar levels will vary depending on the order you eat .

Usually the first place one puts the spoon when eating is “rice.” However, this way of starting the meal premia quickly raises your blood sugar levels and makes your body more prone to fat accumulation.

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The best way to lower blood sugar is to eat in order: dietary fiber → proteins → carbohydrates.

It is best to eat salad or greens first. After that, eat side dishes such as protein-rich meat and fish, and eat rice last to reduce carbohydrate intake. Chew one spoonful of rice at least 30 times, this also increases satiety.

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A study by Queen’s University in Canada also found that people who drank water before meals consumed an average of 40-200 fewer calories than those who did not drink water. Drinking a glass of water before a meal helps your digestion and diet.

Specifically, clinical nutritionist Jeong Sung-hwa advised, “To slowly lower blood sugar levels, it is important to eat enough dietary fiber and in the right order of meals.”

Eating plenty of dietary fiber prevents the absorption of cholesterol from the stomach and intestines and delays the absorption of glucose, thereby preventing a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. Foods rich in dietary fiber include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and seaweed.

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