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The allure of Billlie’s new album, “the Billage of perception: chapter two,” presenting their view of the world

Since its debut last May 11, the band Billlie has continued to captivate fans with its mysterious and fantastical view of the world. The band is also known for their story-telling album “Gingamingayo (the strange world),” released on May 2 of this year, in the release of which member Tsuki found herself in the spotlight thanks to her rich expression in her performances. This summer they released their EP album “the Billage of perception: chapter two”. The title song “RING ma Bell (what a wonderful world)” challenged hard rock, and the music video garnered 700 million views in 24 hours and became a hot topic of discussion. After the first interview during the release of the previous album, we listened to the artists’ ideas and revealed the enthusiasm for the new work, including a look back at the band’s last six months of activity.

(Interview and text: Maho Kakehi (Japanese-Korean music specialist)

The last time we interviewed you was shortly before the release of “Gingamingayo (the strange world)”, but when the promotion started, Tsuki’s performance got a lot of attention, and Tsuki’s funkams became very popular! Tsuki-san, tell us about your feelings? Share with us how you can make different facial expressions in a performance?

Tsuki: I never thought I’d interest many people. During practice we were told that facial expressions are very important when performing, so I practiced a lot, but initially I had no intention of preparing certain facial expressions in advance. I decided for myself to just enjoy the stage, I went on stage and told myself, “Don’t get loaded, just enjoy it!” During practice we discussed a lot of things together, such as: “What should I do with my facial expressions? How do I show my best side?” I think we were able to make a great presentation because of our careful preparation with the message we wanted to convey. Please expect a lot in the future!

From the perspective of the other participants, what did Tsuki-san’s performance look like?

Haram: I was very proud as a band member because Tsuki’s attractiveness was well expressed. I also praised her because Tsuki was very nice.
Suhyun: That was great!
Moon Su-a: We thought together about what kind of facial expression would be best for each of the members.

shyon 1
haruna 3

“Gingamingayo (the strange world)” has been selected as the best K-POP song in “Best K-Pop Songs and Albums of 2022” by Time magazine in the United States for this 6th month. Do you feel that because of “Gingamingayo (the strange world)”, a lot of people found out about the band?

Siyoon: I was honored to be featured in Time magazine. My parents contacted me and told me that people around here were listening to a lot of the band’s songs. It was a very strange feeling, but I was full of emotion when my parents told me about it.
Tsuki: My parents also said that the number of fans has increased since “Gingamingayo (the strange world)” ended, so I feel that our popularity is gradually increasing. On May 7, we released “Patbingsu” and “Highway Romance” as a “track by YOON,” a new project by Yoon Jung Shin, a representative of the producer. Both songs are Yoon Jong Shin’s hits from about 20 years ago, but the number of new fans has also increased?
Siyoon: “track by YOON” is a new project whose style is completely different from us MYSTIC STORY artists, but it was an honor because we were No. 1 this time.My parents also said, “Are you going to sing this song?” It felt good to sing it! I was so happy that it resonated with me. Bellie’ve (the band’s fandom name) were also happy to be able to enjoy the retro flavor this time, and it was a very good experience.

Moon Su-a
  • So, the EP “the Billage of perception: chapter two”, released 8/31, has a history going on since the last release, please tell us about the concept.
    Moon Su-a: The leading song “RING ma Bell (what a wonderful world)” – is a hard rock song that incorporates emotion about new beginnings as we meet the turning point in life that we encounter growing up, following the path from kids to adults, students to working people and so on. The sound is really intense and cool! I think you can see a new side of Billlie.

“RING ma Bell (what a wonderful world)” has a song that matches the rock tone, and the sound is really great, powerful and cool! Did you pay attention to a different singing style when you recorded the track?

Suhyun: I didn’t have much experience with this genre until now, so I was listening to a lot of rock songs from different eras. We were learning about the characteristics of different eras and practicing how to put power in when singing, trying different things.
Moon Su-a: When I recorded my part, I tried to scream like I had never done before and be in a rock atmosphere. In the part where everyone sings together in the chorus, I tried to sound even more joyful.

Are there any songs that made an impression on you when you heard rock from different eras?
Haruna: I was listening to Avril Lavigne and I thought it would be great to sing as cool.
Suyeon: The songs “Sk8er Boi” by Avril Lavigne and “good 4 u” by Olivia Rodrigo helped a lot.

If there are any special moments or details in the choreography, please tell us.
Suyeon: The most important thing in choreography is the choreography, like the ringing of a bell, and the gesture, like the whistling. The movement is easy to repeat and easy to get used to, so I would be glad if you would definitely pay attention to this point.


Apart from the title song, everything in the album has its own charm. .Please share your thoughts on the b-sides.
Moon Su-a: There are 6 in total, but the lyrics are also related, and the titles contain the main ideas of the songs. I think you’ll like it if you listen to the lyrics well.
Suhyun: “Back 2 where we Belong,” the third fan song. Everyone participated in writing the lyrics, so I hope the listeners like it.
Haram: I like all the songs, but especially “$UN palace (Stroop effect),” which connects with the song “Moon palace” from the second mini-album. Regardless of how much I believe I’m following my own path, the song tells the story of that emotion that always worries and makes you question whether you’re moving in the right direction. I think a lot of people can understand that feeling, I wish everyone could listen to it!

How do you all write lyrics? Do you meet in person or do you use SNS?
Haram: There are phrases and ideas that each person wants to put in, so we have to confirm each other’s thoughts and and learn about the opinions of all the participants.
Moon Su-a: We always get together to check the lyrics because it’s impossible to convey true feelings without catching each other’s eye.

translator: chang

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